New paintings, new ideas

by Pat Nickerson in Miscellaneous

To an artist, winter on Cape Cod means time – time to spend valuable hours painting in my studio.

One benefit of this time is the freedom to try some new techniques. I’ve always been a fan of wet-into-wet painting, and I still am spending plenty of time doing that. I still find wet-into-wet very rewarding. I love the buttery feel of the oil paint and the blending ability of wet, juicy paint.


But this winter, I am exploring other techniques and practicing patience. Several pieces I am working on are being developed over multiple painting sessions. There are several things I like about this approach:

  • You can paint over areas to color-correct without the paint becoming too muddy.

  • As the painting develops, I can change the direction in which I take the painting.

  • Last, but definitely not least, I can use glazes. Transparent glazes can have beautiful effects, and are so much fun to use because if I don’t like the way it looks, I can wipe it right off!

Take a look at the Morning Fog painting at the top of this page – click it to see it larger – and you will see my new techniques on display.

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