Cape Cod Spring

by Pat Nickerson in Miscellaneous
Here on Cape Cod the daffodils are finally popping open their bright yellow bonnets for us all to enjoy. I have had a busy winter painting my Cape Cod seascapes and landscapes. It feels like coming out of a long hibernation.

It was a long, cold snowy winter, but in my studio I spent the winter looking at photos of warm beach days, grass lined beach paths and calm blue seas. One of the things I try to get across in my work is the feeling of being right there. As I put my brush strokes on the canvas, I go back in time and mentally experience the sights, sounds, smells and feel of whatever the conditions I am painting, whether that be sun or fog. So despite the snow flying outside I was right back on a July day on Millway beach or watching the fog lift at Sandy Neck.

Not a bad way to spend the winter.  


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